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Profile Image of Djamchid Dalili

Djamchid Dalili

Founder, CSO

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Dr Caroline Atlani

Doctor, CEO

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Florence Marchal


Profile Image of Pr Néziha Gouider Khouja

Pr Néziha Gouider Khouja


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Thomas Bouquet


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Sophie Colliot

Quality Director

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Clément Bonneau

Senior Dev

+10 Software Engineers
+1 Lead Developer
+1 UX/UI Designer
+3 Data Scientists

A double mission

The offer is twofold: a support and follow-up program for patients and a reliable digital evaluation tool for the evolution of the disease and the therapeutic effects of drugs in real life and in R&D.

Turning the wheel of progress for the benefit of all stakeholders

Scheme of Diampark's Mission

A strong anchorage in the ecosystem

A Patient Committee : Design thinking, βtesting with Alberto, Michael, Alain, Philippe, Julie, Arlette.

Scientific Councils : Medical, regulatory and scientific strategy.

Expert advice from e-health & entrepreneurship : Protection and financing of innovation, business strategy.

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