Our solutions is addressing the needs of patients and healthcare professionals


A reliable diagnostic tool to reduce wandering.

A digital solution for earlier diagnosis.

A referral to the appropriate experts (neurologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist,...)


A fun, effective therapeutic education program.

A simple measurement tool for empowerment.

A communication tool for continuity of care.


A tool for real-time monitoring of treatment effectiveness.

A solution to increase compliance, reduce iatrogeny.

A program to improve the quality of patient care.


A relevant numerical criterion for the evaluation of new therapies (+/- drugs).

A real-life data platform of the patient care pathway.

A program to improve patient care pathways

Diagnostique du Neurologue - First Step Image

First step

The neurologist makes the diagnosis and offers DigiPark to the patient.

The patient then discovers his illness with Motiv'Park (therapeutic education escape game).

Second step

The neurologist re-evaluates his prescriptions based on the patient's activity report.

The patient measures his symptoms (tremors, phonation, etc.), enters his prescription and notes each medication taken, and prepares his consultations with his activity reports.

Enter your prescription
Make your measurements
Prepare your consultations
Activités du Patient - Second Step Image
Diagnostique du Neurologue - First Step Image

Third step

The speech therapist and the physiotherapist propose rehabilitation exercises.

DigiPark offers training and practical exercises (diction, calligraphy, physical exercises) between rehabilitation sessions with professionals.

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Resilience to Parkinson's

This dried up prunus still dares to bloom

Like my brain that still allows itself to laugh

That spring is here would be saying a lot

Know that for me, it is not time to die

Djamchid Dalili ~ 2021
Activités du Patient - Second Step Image

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